About Bingospania

We produce professional Bingo Machines with the complete  Equipment origin Spain. We distribute in both regions Europe and US according to the played games 90&75 numbers , we do   installation as a full package including Audio Video distribution  , surveillance cameras , Local & internet networking .All our Equipment are full computerized with an intelligent system including optionally Ball Reader ,Automatic Pass Ball, Ball Caller ,we use also Ocr systems for Online Games  .custom languages could be offered

GLASS Blower

Finished Brown Series, combines with lighting or lacquers with a Glass Room  Spectacular rod pump to make the draw. Acid crystals,with different back lighting Triple watertight glazing obtaining maximum soundproofing .Double air turbine with quick exchange system. Option with integrated light stripes to indicate the game to Line or Bingo.Exclusive automatic ball pass with multicolored plate and wide view angle of the ball.Integrated electronic system for switching between first and second extractor.All our Blower Bingo Machines could be adapted & attached to any existing system ,  Ball recognition and Ball caller are available optionally .

BingoSpania world


Bingo Balls
set 1 to 90 balls
Size 38mm
weight: 2.10~2.60Gr